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Quinoa Super food  — Comprar Quinoa Super food, Precio de , Fotos de Quinoa Super food, de 3RM CORP. Producción de granos en Allbiz Peru
    Quinoa Super food  — Comprar Quinoa Super food, Precio de , Fotos de Quinoa Super food, de 3RM CORP. Producción de granos en Allbiz Peru
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    Quinoa Super food  — Comprar Quinoa Super food, Precio de , Fotos de Quinoa Super food, de 3RM CORP. Producción de granos en Allbiz Peru
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                                                         (Chenopodium quinoa)
    quinuaLa quinoa is one of the few complete vegetable food, that exists in the world, abounds in our Peruvian highlands in special Andean microclimates. It contains a proper balance of protein, carbohydrates and minerals necessary for human life; nutritionally comparable to meat and milk; Many replace it for its nutritional properties. Quinoa has the highest rate of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium than other cereals. For all these properties it is considered as the essential food of all women, especially the elderly. It is the most important for the growth of our children for their food proteins and 21 amino acids.
    Quinoa was a sacred food of our ancient Incas, between the tenth and fifteenth centuries d. c., why they developed techniques of food preservation for many years. It is a gift from God through nature provides to our people, to be used as a staple food of Peru and the world. Quinoa is a cold-resistant plant, which occurs in the Peruvian highlands, in latitudes around 4,000 meters. There are many varieties but the variety of quinoa black quinoa is more protein, but the best known is the white quinoa. Because of its low cost it can be purchased in any market in the country.
    It has a high protein content is high, between 16 and 23%, more than double any other cereal, close to the percentage advocated by FAO for human nutrition. Quinoa proteins have a high content of amino acids, lysine, methionine, cystine and tryptophan. Starch has
    of 58-68% starch, 5% sugar and about 20% amylose. The fat content is from 4 to 9%, half of which contains linoleic acid, essential to the human diet. It also contains high levels of calcium and phosphorus. The nutritional content of quinoa leaf compared to spinach. Concentrates nutrients leaves have a low rate of nitrate and oxalate considered harmful elements in nutrition. It is also characterized by high digestibility, its nature and its diet low in cholesterol and gluten.
    Medicinal properties:
    As a tonic food, the presence of lysine making it a key nourishment for growth and development of brain cells (kozel 1991).
    Prevents breast cancer
    Prevents osteoporosis
    Help Heart Disease
    Pro Food for Menopause and Bad rules
    Help problems Colds
    Relieves liver disorders
    Quantity: 100 grams of plant in a liter of water; prepared in cooking. Two or three cups a day.
    Traditionally quinoa grain flours, which are then used to prepare soups, porridges, pastries, cakes, cookies, breads and even be the ferment for the "chicha" that was the drink of the Incas occur. Its leaves stews and salads are prepared.
    At present its use has spread in the preparation of multiple food diets as well as to produce various industrial products.

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