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Ginger powder  — Comprar Ginger powder, Precio de , Fotos de Ginger powder, de Inca Foods Trading,  S.A.C.. Exquiciteces en Allbiz Peru
    Ginger powder  — Comprar Ginger powder, Precio de , Fotos de Ginger powder, de Inca Foods Trading,  S.A.C.. Exquiciteces en Allbiz Peru
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    Dry Ginger powder, Soonth powder

    Dried ginger is nothing but fresh ginger, which has undergone a drying process. The fresh rhizomes are soaked in water overnight after which the outer peel is carefully removed using a knife or a peeler. They are washed again and then sun-dried on mats or barbecues for around a week. During this period, they are turned periodically. The end result is a pale white dried ginger. Many a times, dried ginger is bleached with calcium carbonate to get a whitish coating, but this is unnecessary and better avoided.
    When this dried ginger is powdered in a mixer, we get dried ginger powder. It is a fine off-whitish powder, which has a strong aroma and slightly pungent flavour.

    Culinary Uses
    • Dried ginger powder is used in making spices and masalas, which are used in gravies, curries, marinades, stews etc.
    • It is combined with cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and cloves to make tea masala, which is brewed along with tea to get a strong flavour.
    • Dried ginger powder is used in Indian, specifically Punjabi marinades for Tandoori starters.
    • It is commonly used to flavour gingerbreads.
    • Dried ginger powder is also used in certain foods given to pregnant women and nursing mothers, such as Katlu, which is a mixture of gum resin, ghee, dried ginger powder, nuts and sugar.
    • A special tea made out of dried ginger powder, it is a perfect drink for cold winter mornings, although many prefer it over coffee and tea in the summers too.

    How to store
    • Always store dried ginger powder in an airtight container in a cool and dry place, away from moisture.

    Health Benefits
    • Dried ginger powder is an effective cure for indigestion, sore throat, cold and cough.
    • It is used to treat nausea.
    • Ginger's therapeutic properties help stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the bowels and kidneys, remove toxins from the body and nourish the skin.

    • Ginger powder
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