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    Clothing for babies Peruvian pima cotton

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                                               Peruvian pima cotton, the world's best

    One of the most popular fibers globally is the pima cotton, a variety that is grown in Peru, this type of cotton is of high quality, endurance so that textiles manufactured with it are highly valued.

    Pima Cotton, Peruvian product

    Our country is a producer of five varieties of cotton, Pima, Supima, Tangüis, Del Cerro and Rough. Pima cotton is one of the flagship products of Peru, is a type of cotton of the highest quality, is the thread feature which is longer and thinner.

    Pima cotton is one of the 50 varieties of cotton in the world, originated in Peru, although not native, was introduced in our country in 1918, it was brought from the state of Arizona, United States from originally type Mitafifi of Egypt.

    So it was that the weather conditions and soil type of Piura, where he cultivated initially collaborated to its current unique properties compared only with the Egyptian pima.

    Great quality and world-famous

    Pima cotton garments
    This fiber is positioned as the best cotton in the world. Pima type to be processed achieved a great smoothness and shine, which is highly resistant provides durability to garments, in addition to its white color allows it to be dyed in any color which gives a great advantage commercially.

    Another feature of this variety is that it does not irritate the skin and resists
    While washing. It is usually used for making scarves, polo shirts, good quality products, exports of Peruvian pima is intended mainly to Europe.

    • Clothing for babies Peruvian pima cotton
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