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                                                       Organic cotton


    Our products are certified 100% organic granted by international institutions.

    Organic cotton is grown on land certified free of toxic and all kinds of pesticides and insecticides substances. Organic farming relies on crop rotation instead of using artificial fertilizers. Also it takes special care to workers who carry out such crops, ensuring decent working conditions.

    Conventional cotton growing, unlike organic, uses about 25% of insecticides manufactured worldwide and more than 10% of pesticides. These products not only combat cotton pests and break the balance of nature in the soil, but also decimate populations of beneficial insects and cause great harm to people who come into contact with them.

    Soil is a living ecosystem full of various agencies working cooperatively balanced, allowing normal growth of crops. It is not a dead entity to which it will need to add chemicals toxic petroleum in order to maximize production of commodoties, you should think thoroughly on the destructive power of these techniques and take into account the negative consequences that will leave future generations.

    Why buy an organic textile product?

    Because it helps to preserve the environment, providing a healthier world for generations to come.
    Because it prevents skin exposure to toxic substances.
    Because choosing an organic textile product are supporting farming techniques that improve soil fertility, protect soil surface and the groundwater exposure to toxic substances.
    Because it helps improve health and working conditions of the producers.
    For conventional cotton cultivation requires a high use of pesticides and fertilizers (occupying only 3% of cultivated land, uses 25% of manufactured chemicals in the world).

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